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This is what I am referring to:

The actual page title is “Smart Home Review,” but I have inserted a header and named the article the title that is in pink. The pink title is the title I prefer to appear. My previous theme didn’t allow for editing the fonts of the page titles, so that’s why I even made the title in pink to begin with. Ashe Pro does have a lot more customizing options 🙂

Usually, I can toggle the “Smart Home Review” title off in Elementor here:

After messing around with some codes yesterday, I was actually able to input this code into the “Additional CSS” section in the Customize area:

“.page .page-title {

display: none;


.post .post-title {

display: none;


and it toggled the titles in black off (e.g, the “Smart Home Review title”), so it now looks like this:

I’m not sure if that code will affect my website negatively, though.