v3.7.3 – 31 May, 2023

Fixed PHP 8.1 and 8.2 issues
Freemius SDK Update

v3.7.2 – 25 May, 2023

Implemented New Image rendering Type setting in Customize > Header Image, Slider & Video Section, this will fix header image related issues in some cases, check image https://prnt.sc/4gyj12R1DrxH
Other Minor Changes and performance Improvements

v3.7.1.9 – 12 Jan, 2022

Super Speed - Super Fast! We have migrated our site to new faster google servers and our site domain has changed from wp-royal.com to wp-royal-themes.com

v3.7.1.8 – 20 Dec, 2022

Minor Changes

v3.7.1.5 – 14 Sep, 2022

Added: New +400 New Google Fonts 
Added: Whatsapp Sharing icon
Added: Multiple New social icons

v3.7.1.4 – 04 May, 2022

Minor Changes

v3.7.1.3 – 18 Jan, 2022

Post/Page metabox issue fix

v3.7 – 24 Sep, 2021

Added Support for ROYAL ELEMENTOR ADDONS - maximize your site-building experience with powerful widgets
Performance Optimization

v3.6.9 – 07 Jul, 2021

Performance Optimization

v3.6.8 – 25 May, 2021

Minor Changes

v3.6.7 – 10 May, 2021

Minor Changes

v3.6.6 – 13 April, 2021

Optimized for latest Google Page Speed Standards

v3.6.5 – 15 March, 2021

Small Tweaks

v3.6.4 – 06 March, 2021

ADDED: License activation notice in frontend

v3.6.1 – 25 Jan, 2021

FIXED: Minor Bugs

v3.6 – 12 Jan, 2021

ADDED: Twitch Social Icons

v3.5.9.8 – 14 Dec, 2020

FIXED: Minor Bugs

v3.5.9.7 – 11 Dec, 2020

FIXED: WP 5.6 Compatibility

v3.5.9.4 – 28 Sep, 2020

FIXED: Translation related Bugs

v3.5.9.3 – 21 Sep, 2020

FIXED: Minor Bugs
UPDATED: ACF PRO to the Latest Version

v3.5.9.2 – 30 Jul, 2020

FIXED: Minor Bugs

v3.5.9.1 – 28 Jul, 2020

ADDED: New BOX Style in Customizer > General Layouts Section
ADDED: Dark Mode Switch Button to the right side of Main Menu.

v3.5.9 – 26 June, 2020

FIXED: Minor Bugs
ADDED: Option to disable all featured images in Customizer > Single Post section

v3.5.8.2 – 21 January, 2020

FIXED: Elementor Related Bugs

v3.5.8.1 – 26 November, 2019

FIXED: Minor Bugs

v3.5.6 – 1 October, 2019

ADDED: Compatibility with Smash Balloon Social(Instagram) Photo Feed Plugin
FIXED: Minor Bugs

v3.5.4.1 – 5 July, 2019

FIXED: Twitter Mobile Sharing issue
FIXED: FontAwesome Icons issue

v3.5.4 – 21 June, 2019

FIXED: Minor Bugs

v3.5.3 – 20 March, 2019

FIXED: Minor Bugs

v3.5 – 24 January, 2019

ADDED: Options to change Slider Source in Customize > Featured Slider Section
ADDED: Mini Logo Upload feature in Customize > Main Navigation Section
FIXED: Minor Bugs

v3.4.7.1 – 17 January, 2019

FIXED: Minor Bugs

v3.4.5.1 – 25 December, 2018

FIXED: Minor Bugs

v3.4.4 – 09 November, 2018

FIXED: Category Description Display Issue.

v3.4.3 – 2 November, 2018

Fixed: WordPress 5 Compatibility
ADDED: Category Descriptions displaying in respective place

v3.4.2 – 10 November, 2018

FIXED: Minor Bugs

v3.4.1 – 13 September, 2018

ADDED: "Select Icon" option for the Sidebar Alt icon and mobile menu to the Customize > Main Navigation and Responsive sections.
FIXED: Page/Post options doesn't work with Gutenberg.

v3.4 – 17 July, 2018

FIXED: Page Header Parallax issues.

v3.3.3 – 04 July, 2018

ADDED: Responsive section to Appearance > Customize. Now you can control the display of some elements for responsive layouts.
ADDED: Show/Hide Scroll-top button to the Customize > Page Footer section.

v3.3.2 – 23 June, 2018

ADDED: Page builder plugins support - Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi.

v3.3 – 29 May, 2018

UPDATED: EU GDPR Compliance.

v3.1 – 28 March, 2018

FIXED: Theme update issues. Custom CSS, Header Background and other theme customization won't be lost.
NOTE: If you have a Child Theme installed, please change "Template: ashe-pro" with "Template: ashe-pro-premium" in your child theme's "style.css" file.

v3.0 – 23 March, 2018

ADDED: Slider option to the Header Image. Customize > Header Image, Slider & Video > Background Type select.
ADDED: List Layout option to Customize > General Layouts > Page Layouts select.
ADDED: Blog Grid and Blog List layout Thumbnail Crop Sizes to Customize > Blog Page section. Now you can control Grid/List thumbnail crop Width and Height.
ADDED: Option to display Instagram Widget in the Header area. Customize > General Layouts > Instagram Widget.
ADDED: Shortcode to display Blog Feed on any page. Usage: Insert [ashe_blog] shortcode into the Page content.
ADDED: Option to show pages in the Featured Posts Slider.
ADDED: PayPal and Credit Card icons to the Customize > Social Media icons select.
ADDED: AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild & WP Recipe Maker to Appearance > About Ashe > Recommended Plugins.
FIXED: Header Images Responsive Issues.
FIXED: WordPress native Custom Fields display issue.
FIXED: Facebook sharing issues when the Logo Image is not set.
FIXED: Skip Crop of Featured Link (Promo Boxes) images.

v2.0 – 8 March, 2018

ADDED: License Key activation. New Automatic Updates System integrated.

v1.4.3 – 15 Feb, 2018

ADDED: Ashe Food predefined style to the Appearance > About Ashe page.
ADDED: Background Video support for the page header. Appearance > Customize > Header Image & Video section. Now you can upload self-hosted MP4 and WebM format videos and set as a header background instead of an image.
ADDED: Ashe Promo Boxes widget to the Apperance > Widgets.

v1.4.1 – 07 Feb, 2018

UPDATED: FontAwesome icons updated from v4 to v5. The new version is lighter, faster and renders better on different devices. If your social icons have been changed, please navigate to Customize > Social media (section) > select icons you like and hit Publish (old icons are still in the list).
ADDED: 3 new FontAwesome Icons to the Customize > Social Media section.

v1.4 – 03 Feb, 2018

ADDED: Drop Cap option to the Page Options metabox. Now you can enable/disable Drop Caps on the static pages.
ADDED: Automatic Theme Updates system is now integrated. After v1.4 you will be able to update the theme from your Dashboard.
FIXED: Post Sharing Icons issue regarding this topic: https://wp-royal-themes.com/forums/topic/post-sharing-potential-error/.
FIXED: Typo issue in the Theme Customizer: "Dropcups" to "Drop Caps".
CHANGED: Customize "Single Page" section renamed to "Single Post".

v1.3 – 31 Jan, 2018

FIXED: Child Theme compatibility issues.
ADDED: 10+ Predefined Theme Styles to Dashboard > Appearance > About Ashe page. Could be activated in one click.

v1.2 – 26 Jan, 2018

ADDED: Custom Text Logo Options. Customize > Typography section.

v1.1 – 24 Jan, 2018

UPDATED: Theme Speed Optimization.

v1.0 – 22 Jan, 2018

Initial Release - We are happy to announce that Ashe Pro Theme was born.