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    Hello to whom it may concern at Ashe Pro support,

    I have not changed the category description for a long time but now I want to change them. I enter the new content in to the category. I press the save button and it does not react it does not save the new content.

    Can you please help me as soon as possible? I need to work on the website. Thanks,


    My website is


    WP Royal Team

    Hi Pilar,


    I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble saving your category descriptions. I’d be happy to help you troubleshoot this issue.

    Here are a few things you can try:

    * Make sure that you’re logged in to your WordPress dashboard.

    * Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

    * Try using a different browser.

    * If you’re using a WordPress plugin to manage your categories, try disabling the plugin and see if that fixes the issue.

    If you’re still having trouble, please provide me with the following information:

    * The exact error message you’re getting when you try to save the category description.

    * The steps you’re taking to try to save the category description.

    * The version of WordPress you’re using.

    * The version of the Ashe Pro theme you’re using.

    Once I have this information, I can take a closer look at the issue and try to help you resolve it.


    Kind regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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