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    Rijul Arora
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    Hi Vako, Happy New Year!

    I’ve recently noticed an alert on my site about some core files being modified.

    They’re not flagged malicious, but even so I’m trying to figure out where the modification came from and the reason behind it.

    These are the modified files:

    1) .htaccess.bk

    2) .htaccess_original

    3) default.php

    4) wp-admin/error_log

    Could you tell me if this was due to the ashe pro theme?


    WP Royal Team

    Hi Rijul,


    At first, sorry for the late reply, we had holidays.

    I will redirect this topic to the developer’s board and they will contact you.



    Kind Regards

    WP Royal Team


    Nick is here from DEV team, ashe pro do no makes any changes to these files, you might have virus, or any other plugin might makes this changes. This case needs advanced analysis so it better to hire expert in this field.

    Please use wordfence plugin to scan your wordpress files which will find any issues in your WP but this is not 100% way to stay safe if you already have virus, so best way  is to hire experts to find the issue.

    Kind Regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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