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    Evening all,

    Am trying to add social sharing buttons to my blog post however they do not display and only a blank space appears where the buttons should be located.

    Do I need to configure my settings a certain way to get the buttons displayed?

    The video guides I have watched just say to drag and drop the buttons which I do and yet they are not displayed.

    Please help!

    Many thanks

    WP Royal Team

    Hi Sophie,


    At first, thank you for choosing our theme and service and sorry for the late reply, we were on holiday.

    To provide you with the most accurate assistance, could you please describe the issue you’re facing in more detail? Additionally, sharing a direct link to the page where the problem appears would be immensely helpful. If possible, providing screenshots of the issue will give us a clearer understanding and allow for more targeted support.

    Once we have this information, we’ll be better equipped to identify the issue and provide a solution.


    Kind Regards


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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