Carina Wesenlund-Jonsson
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Hi and your reply does not help me the least. I have already done all that you have written. I also wrote that in the first helprequest that nothing saves the pages with sidebars, not even when I choose to create a new page.

I have sidebars enabled using the <span style=”color: #4f4f4f; font-family: Poppins, Helvetica, Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 14px;”>Dashboard  > Appearance > Customize > General Layouts > Page Layouts and chose your prefered style which includes sidebars,  </span>

Your next solution was the one that did not work as I wrote from the start. When I edit a page and the options it does not change, it stays the same despite how many times I change it.dashboard settings

The widgets on the sidebars are added on all other blogentries I have wrotten so they work from the backend part.

Please help me get this working as it should.