Svenja Kirschberger
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Hi vako,

some additions for clarification.

1. I don’t need galleries only with 5 columns. I use different displays.
The configuration of the home page galleries is shown below.

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

2 colums

2. The home page used is a good example.
Gallery 1 has 4 columns
Gallery 2 has 2 columns,
Gallery 3 has 5 columns

3. All galleries are displayed correctly in desktop mode.

desktop mode

4. With a screen smaller than 979 px (responsive mode), galleries 1 and 2 are no longer displayed with the full screen width. It looks to me that a 5-column display is used!

5. The issue with spacing is now ok, but this gallery (number 3) is now limited to 4 columns on a screen smaller than 612px

Regards Svenja