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    Brian Filkins
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    I’ve purchased all Pro themes and attempted multiple times with the Ashe and Bart themes to import demo content, and each time none of the media is imported. All of the Pages and Posts come through, and none of the associated media. Am I doing something wrong?

    I use WP Reset plugin to wipe the site before installing a new theme, delete old posts and pages, disable plugins, etc. Previously I was testing the Tripp Theme, and had server issues importing media, and there was a selection to disable thumbnail generation, but not seeing it here.

    Thank you!

    WP Royal Team

    Hi Brian,


    At first, thank you for choosing our theme and service.

    Seems that you have an issue on the server/hosting side, in all cases our user has a similar issue reason was mentioned.

    It might be your system’s or WordPress-related issue. Please, contact

    your hosting provider and ask for an increase.

    Ask them to update PHP settings to the following:

    PHP max input variables 5000

    PHP time limit 100

    PHP memory limit 512M

    Max input time 30

    Upload max filesize 60M

    PHP post max size 60M

    cURL version

    Or you can do this via hosting a control panel as well.

    Also, you can check our plugin on our testing site and make sure that

    it works properly.–pro-new&d=v2

    Import the demo you want and check.

    Please note that the Test site will expire in 4 hours. However, I

    assure you that this timeframe will be sufficient to test the

    important details of yours.

    If this does not help, please let me know and we will try to solve

    your problems in other ways.


    Kind Regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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