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    Hello, i search to put a font in the Bard Pro Header  – (The first and second line)
    It is the CAC Champagne :

    How to do that ?

    How to have/find it in the list of fonts?


    Thank you very much.



    WP Royal Team

    Hi Tiffany,


    At first, thank you for choosing our theme and service.

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible with the theme options, maybe you can find some useful 3rd party plugins.


    Kind Regards

    Laura Edwards
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    Actually, I found a way to add additional google fonts  through the theme editor files. The only problem is,  this is only for fonts housed at google fonts.  CAC Champagne is for personal use only. But I’m sure you can find a ‘cac champagne’ look alike at google fonts.

    Go to inside of theme dashboard (or your ftp program)

    appearance -> theme Editor -> , now on the right side panel,  you’ll see all your theme files. Scroll down to inc -> customizer -> fonts -> google-fonts.php

    Click on that, and you’ll see the format and how easy it is to add your font to the list. The font names are in alphabetical order. Just make sure you add the google font exactly like the others.


    Another issue is, you’ll have to add the font back in every time the theme updates


    Hope that helps


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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