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    Looks like your support team is playing around with people’s patience & politeness. I have emailed all the problems 6 days back with all the levels that the theme is failing to perform on.

    Its just ridiculous that you ask me for a temporary login and you dont care to work on it! I am left to wait for any responses assuming things might be moving at your end but alas your team cares nothing at all. Professionalism is probably a lesson they need in life.


    Imagine a theme which claims to do great on all levels – layout, platforms, performance and devil knows what!! Its all a deceit and moreover a pain in my ass. I am sure all the reviews are paid and made to fool the polite customers.

    If you have any courtesy then you better be working on it or REFUND, whichever is that you can do better!


    WP Royal Team

    Hi, dear bloomwithshivi

    I just check all incoming emails and there is no email we have received with your email, if you want to reach us you can contact us via this form


    or via this email

    If you want to refund I will refund immediately but if you give us a chance we will try to fix your issue, you have mentioned that we have asked for temporary login details, can you please let me know from which email you have received this request? because as I told you I can’t find any emails received from your email¬†blo*******

    Kind Regards,



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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