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    BZ Riger
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    I had asked how to embed videos into your featured slider. And was told it was not able to do that. That I should locate a slider plugin that would have the embed and design features I was looking for.

    I found the plugin that has the capabilities I need. My question is how to get it to show up where the current featured slider shows up.

    I looked at the support files of the plugin developer on how to do this from there end and this was what their documentation suggested:

    <begin snip>
    <h3 class=”title”>Publishing with actions provided by your theme</h3>
    WordPress offers an option for theme developers to have do_action functions in different parts of the code. This can be useful, because with add_action you can run your own code in these places, like you a shortcode could run there.
    <h3 id=”step-1-find-actions”>Step 1 – Find actions</h3>
    As you see in our Which code is making a certain part of a website? documentation from step 3, you can search for codeparts within your theme. Most people want to insert their sliders right under the </header> part, so you could try to search for that codepart, to see if you can find any do_action codes after it. You should check the header.php file first, as usually this code is there.

    You could also try to search for the word¬† do_action, as often the specified names are telling a lot about the placement, like “after_header” or “before_footer” is commonly used.

    <end snip>

    so my question is how do I do what they suggest using the Ashe Pro theme?

    thank you

    WP Royal Team

    Hi BZ Riger,


    As you used 3rd party plugin to show videos as the slide shows(slider with videos) you need to contact the plugin support team and ask them to help you set up the slider as you want.


    Kind Regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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