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    Conor Armor
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    For some reason, the featured images on individual blog posts are being cropped to half their height on the post page. This hadn’t been an issue until recent days, but is now occurring on every new draft. The featured image is still showing up in its proper size and shape on the home page, so you can see there how the image should look. Any ideas what might be wrong?

    Individual post



    WP Royal Team

    Hi Conor,


    1. The reason for the issue can be your installed plugins, please deactivate them one by one and you will able to catch which one was the source for the issue.

    2. If you want to not lose all the changes made with the plugins, please install 3rd party plugin staging, clone your website database and make the changes on the cloned staging site, here is the video guide to better understand how it works.

    3. If the instructions above cant help, In order to assist we need to check your website from the back end, please install this 3rd party plugin “Temporary Login Without Password Plugin” which allows us to access your dashboard without sharing access details. To better understand how the plugin works, please watch the video guide below:


    Kind Regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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