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    Michel May
    Premium Member

    Hello everbody,

    I seem to be having the same issue as this person:

    • static front page with ‘latest articles’ section (default wordpress block)
    • set to only show excerpts (length set to 25 in backend)
    • excerpt length set to 25 (Ashe Pro customizer -> blog page)
    • front end shows full-length articles

    See the screenshots below to see what I mean.

    Thank you in advance for your help and apologies if I am double-posting a known issue.



    front end

    In case of confusion:

    • I hid the ‘Dummy 3’ article via CSS.


    • Neueste Beiträge = latest articles
    • Textauszug = text excerpt
    • Maximale Anzahl von Wörtern im Textauszug = max. number of words in text excerpt
    WP Royal Team

    Hi Michel,


    At first, sorry for the late reply, we had holidays.

    The WordPress widget you are using to display the recent post or just your blog posts on the page has some incompatibility with the theme, the widget is not finished yet and has an incompatibility issue with some of the themes and plugins.

    We recommend using theme provided blog page options.

    With the theme and WordPress settings, you can only have one blog page at the same time, but I can give you shortcodes to have blog posts on the home page and on the blog page too.

    To display all latest post use:


    To select specific categories in the blog feed shortcode, you just need to add the “categories” attribute to it. You can list multiple categories separated by a comma:

    [ashe_blog categories="food,travel"]

    or select a single one like this:

    [ashe_blog categories="food"]

    Also, posts per page could be limited by adding the “amount” attribute” like this:

    [ashe_blog categories="food" amount="5"]

    To select specific posts in the blog feed shortcode, you just need to add the “post_ids” attribute to it and list selected post ids separated by a comma like this:

    [ashe_blog post_ids="1,23,157"]

    Hope it was helpful.


    Kind Regards

    Michel May
    Premium Member

    Hello vako,

    no worries – actually, I didn’t in all seriousness expect anyone to reply on a Sunday. As to my problem with the WordPress widget: I gave the [ashe_blog] shortcode a shot and, as you said, the shortening worked. Yay!

    However, two follow-up questions arose. First, is there any simple way to squeeze the Ashe blog into a 2 column layout? I would like to display 4 articles and doing so on full page width would look quite too bulky for my purposes.

    Second, since the widget I used is an official WordPress one, do you have any insights as to when this compatibility issue will be resolved (if at all)? As much as I like your theme, I also appreciate the simplicity this widget offers … would offer, that is 😀


    Thanks for your reply and all the best,


    Michel May
    Premium Member

    Scratch that – I was able to get what I wanted from the Gutenberg plugin – now the thing looks (somewhat) sexy 😀

    WP Royal Team

    Hi Michel,


    We are glad that you were able to found out the solution by yourself.

    Feel free to contact us at any time, we are more than happy to help.


    Kind Regards

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