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    reese Hanifin
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    1. please tell me how to fix the photo on my about me page. It is too low on the page
    2. Please tell me how to connect the story templates from the home page to the blog page (or do I even need a blog page). I like how the home page displays the stories in list format. But the blog page doesn’t have any of the same stories on it. I don’t know how to connect the two pages.
    3. How do I put a “sign up for my newsletter” widget on the home page on the right side. I would also like to put the categories widget there too.
    4. How do I make the newsletter signup functional on the about me page and how do I copy this to the blog and resources page?
    Thank you

    WP Royal Team

    Hi Reese,


    1. Can you please describe the issue you have in more detailed? Please share a direct link to the page where the issue appears and for more clarifications, screenshots will be much appreciated.

    2. With the theme and WordPress settings, you can only have one blog page at the same time, but I can give you shortcodes to have blog posts on the home page and on the blog page too.

    To display all latest post use:


    To select specific categories in the blog feed shortcode, you just need to add the “categories” attribute to it. You can list multiple categories separated by a comma:

    [ashe_blog categories=”food,travel”]

    or select a single one like this:

    [ashe_blog categories=”food”]

    Also, posts per page could be limited by adding the “amount” attribute” like this:

    [ashe_blog categories=”food” amount=”5″]

    To select specific posts in the blog feed shortcode, you just need to add the “post_ids” attribute to it and list selected post ids separated by a comma like this:

    [ashe_blog post_ids=”1,23,157″]

    Hope it was helpful.


    4. After you insert widgets in the right sidebar you need to activate sidebar option for your about me page, please navigate to Dashboard > Pages > Edit Page(About me page) > Page Options > Show Sidebar



    Kind Regards

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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